UNTITLED – Christopher Jung

Christopher Jung is owner of the Berlin-based Studio Jung. He made a couple of really interesting hacks, that form together not a specific font, but more a research of remakes. Hey Chris, how do you like Helvetica?
Still after so many years, I do like the Helvetica a lot! It’s a font I grew up with – even though I wasn’t a designer back then. Together with things like BASF cassettetapes, AGFA-film, 3M 5,25″ floppy disk, Kappa… I love the lowercase ‘a’, the capital ‘R’, the pureness and clarity. She is just a timeless beauty!

What did you try to improve to the Helvetica with this hack?
I really think that there is nothing to improve. I would have had more to say if you would have named your project Hacking Rotis! At the moment there are a lot of ‘remakes’ out there trying to fulfill some sort of time taste by slightly changing the bowl, adding inward curls, increasing the contrast of each characters stroke. I am not saying that they are not usefull –and often enough even very charming– but in the end most of them will be outrun by Helvetica itself. Myself, I just tried to experiment with it’s legibility; in order to do, I was building many forms of abstraction. Remember: ‘What you don’t know would make a great book – Sydney Smith’. But what you don’t know would most likely make a shitty font…