Hey guys from Autobahn, how are you? What do you think of the Helvetica font?
Helvetica is one of those typefaces that is impossible to like or hate. It’s the ultimate neutral font, and therefore very appropriate for sketching, creating wireframes, prototyping etc. Sometimes Helvetica never leaves our production files and makes its way through the final design, which is fine.
What did you try to change on the original Helvetica with this hack?
When we created Heldentica, we needed a neutral typeface as a starting point. A font without a strong backstory of its own. Our goal with the Fresh Fonts project (that also included Tomatica and Gelvetica) was to approach type as image and vice versa and experiment with that. To this day, we are fascinated by the idea that the human mind is not capable of reading a text and convey an image at the same time. This comfortable confusion – as we like to call it – is a very strong design tool that we often put to use in our autonomous and client projects.