KaliNeuNeu – Maarten Baan

What do you think of the Heletica?
I am a big fan of Helvetica. The font represents the Swiss accuracy. The exacty and
the sobriety that radiates Swiss design makes me happy as a designer. This is mainly due to the use of
grids. Karl Gerstner is a good example of a designer who used the grid. He made this
minimalist tight graphic designs.

What did you try to change on the original Helvetica with this hack?
In my Helvetica hack I also searched for a basis of typography. Soon I came to calligraphy.
In this way I have made a link between the grid and calligraphy. Helvetica was born from calligraphy, then
the grid has been applied. With my KaliNeu I go back a step back again. I went back from the grid to calligraphy.